WhatsApp will stop working on these phones today: Full list

WhatsApp will stop working on these phones today: Full list

WhatsApp, a popular instant messaging and voice-over-IP service owned by Meta Platforms, will stop working on millions of phones effective today, Monday, November 1, 2021.

Reports had emerged a few weeks ago that WhatsApp would be blocked on the devices; which include some iPhones and Android mobiles.

The development is not a strange one, as companies usually stop supporting older devices. A similar scenario played out when Google stopped supporting old Android phones for Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps.

Among the reasons adduced for this is the fact that it may not be cost-efficient for tech companies to keep apps working on very old versions of iOS or Android. This is often the case when a small percentage of users are running these old versions of software.

Consequently, WhatsApp is expected to yank off its services from a number of devices today, November 1, 2021. In other words, WhatsApp will not be functional on these devices.

Please find below a full list of the affected devices below:



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1. Galaxy Trend Lite

2. Galaxy Trend II

3. Galaxy SII

4. Galaxy S3 mini

5. Galaxy Xcover 2

6. Galaxy Core

7. Galaxy Ace 2

8. Lucid 2

9. Optimus F7

10. Optimus F5

11. Optimus L3 II Dual

12. Optimus F5

13. Optimus L5

14. Best L5 II

15. Optimus L5 Dual

16. Best L3 II

17. Optimus L7

18. Optimus L7 II Dual

19. Best L7 II

20. Optimus F6, Enact

21. Optimus L4 II Dual

22. Optimus F3

23. Best L4 II

24. Best L2 II

25. Optimus Nitro HD

26. Optimus 4X HD

27. Optimus F3Q

28. ZTE V956

29. Grand X Quad V987

30. Grand Memo

31. Xperia Miro

32. Xperia Neo L

33. Xperia Arc S

34. Alcatel

35. Ascend G740

36. Ascend Mate

37. Ascend D Quad XL

38. Ascend D1 Quad XL

39. Ascend P1 S

40. Ascend D2

41. Archos 53 Platinum

42. HTC Desire 500

43. Caterpillar Cat B15

44. Wiko Cink Five

45. Wiko Darknight

46. Lenovo A820

47. UMi X2

48. Run F1

49. THL W8

50. iPhone SE

51. iPhone 6S

52. iPhone 6S Plus


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