WhatsApp’s added 2 new, handy features for its business users, this is how they can help you

WhatsApp’s added 2 new, handy features for its business users, this is how they can help you


WhatsApp has expanded its offerings for business users and has added a few handy features that make the shopping experience better.


They have announced two features that will make WhatsApp Business; which is the e-commerce side of the messaging app, more business-friendly and easier to use.


These new features include better support for WhatsApp catalogs on desktops and the option to hide items that are out of stock.


WhatsApp had introduced Catalogs for WhatsApp Business in 2019; and it allowed businesses to create a storefront and also menus of the products they sell.


The Facebook-owned messaging platform has said that it has over 8 million business catalogs worldwide; out of which 1 million is in India.


However, businesses can only create and manage these Catalogs from mobile now.


The latest feature update will now allow business owners on WhatsApp to do the same from WhatsApp web and desktop applications.



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This can be very helpful for established businesses that might have already digitised their systems through the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.


WhatsApp might now allow these ERP systems to be integrated into it; but businesses can now get work done from their laptops and desktops.


The second feature update allows businesses to temporarily hide items that are unavailable; or out of stock for customers.


This feature is available on most e-commerce platforms, food, as well as grocery delivery platforms; etc – any place where a dynamic storefront is required.


This will let sellers change their menus and avoid delays in delivery; or while taking orders for products that are not currently available.


These two new features put WhatsApp Business on a better footing to compete with other platforms; and the company has been trying to get more small businesses on board while trying to compete with other delivery services in the market.


Given the 1 million Catalogs WhatsApp already has in India, the platform has a sizable user base already; but better features are always valuable additions.

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