When your lover circulates your nudes, don’t fight it

When your lover circulates your nudes, don’t fight it

If you have an ex-lover threatening to expose your nudes, just let him/her go ahead.

You won’t die.

Yeah, you’ll be upset, and regret the day you met them. You will hate them but don’t lose too much sleep over these weak-minded beings; they aren’t worth it. Don’t even beg them; it not only emboldens them, it makes them assume

So you heard about Amara Kennedy, the 44-year-old, who has thankfully been arrested for circulating nudes of his former female lovers to their friends, family, and church members in a bid to shame them for not paying him?

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Classic blackmail.

The two women who were named in this story had for more than one year been blackmailed by Amara Kennedy when their relationship with him ended. He had been taking their nudes without their knowledge, without their consent, with the intention of using it as leverage against them when things ended between him and them.

Amara Kennedy is evil!

Even after paying him, Amara kept the nudes and demanded more money. When these women couldn’t give him, not because they didn’t want to but because they didn’t have and had to borrow at some point, to satisfy Amara’s greed, he still sent their nudes to their family, friends, colleagues…

One of the women, Kester, a widow whose husband died in a car accident eight years ago almost committed suicide following her nudes being circulated not just to her church members but to her in-laws! Kester lost her joy. She became withdrawn and died many times from shame.

She considered the impact it would have on her children; she considered what it would do to her reputation among friends and colleagues. It didn’t even help that some who had seen the nudes avoided her while others queried her decision to even go out with Amara Kennedy.

Imagine what she must have felt when her in-laws were shown the nudes.

But thankfully, Kester’s in-laws took one look at the nudes and stood by her.

Amazing, right?

Her in-laws did go saying she was responsible for their son’s death eight years ago and so Amara Kennedy’s evil act was God punishing Kester.

They didn’t say she was a “useless mother” and threatened to take “their children” away from her.

They didn’t ask her what a woman of her age was doing getting involved with a man instead of taking care of her children and dedicating the rest of her life to their upkeep.

No, they wondered about Amara, the spawn of the devil.

They encouraged Kester to report to the police and get Amara Kennedy arrested.

She did, so did Temi, the other woman Amara had been blackmailing. And with help from an NGO, Black Diamonds Support Foundation, Amara was lured out of his hideout and arrested.

Today, Amara Kennedy is in jail and seven other women he had been blackmailing came forward to say he’s done the same to them. These are women who had gone into hiding after they must have paid him and he kept demanding more, women who ordinarily had nothing to be ashamed of but were because they feared being humiliated and being shamed.

But the thing for me is this, there are many Amara Kennedys, even as I type these words out. The way to handle these idiots is to ignore their threats and see them for what they are, nothing but cheap blackmailers. Never give in to their demands, it never stops.

I like the way Salawa Abeni handled some hungry boy from Yaba Tech, three years ago who threatened to release her nudes. Before he could do so, she released the nudes herself with screenshots of her chats with the blackmailer.

While I do not advise women to release their own nudes to counter the blackmailer, I think it’s best to counter the blackmail by exposing the blackmailer but more importantly, to report them to authorities.

I read that a few of the women had approached the police for this and were told to go bring money. I am sorry about this, the other way to counter the likes of Amara is to talk to journalists, who will expose them…blink, blink.

Thanks to the investigative Punch Reporter, Amara Kennedy is as they say, “cooling his heels at the police station.”

Here’s hoping he stays there for a loooooooonnnngg, time!

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