Where do tired Lagos residents go when they need to recharge? – Ella Temisan

Where do tired Lagos residents go when they need to recharge? – Ella Temisan


I have to admit, the past few days in Lagos have been quiet and almost uneventful.


Yes, there are still all the usual issues with traffic, unruliness, sanitation and maintenance. But so far, it’s been good vibes. I’m thankful for that.


We deserve all the goodness that we can get. But even in the peace and quiet, there’s the hustle that never ends. It gets worse when you realise that your hustle might not be equal to the cost of living that continues to rise daily like soaked garri.


Have you been to the market lately? It’s worse than I’m saying it. Even the market people are tired of responding to shocked reactions when they tell customers the price of their items. Anybody that doesn’t know that things are not balanced in Lagos now should come and tell me where the money is. I need it too.


I’m serious. I need plenty of money yesterday so that I can finally rest abeg. It’s all this wahala of trying to make more money than I have to spend that keeps me constantly exhausted. Remember when 10k was money?


Now it is like having 1k. Just remove 1k from inside and the remaining 9k is gone with the winds. I am tired! Where can a tired Lagos hustler run to for a quick reset?


This was the question I was asking myself when I decided to do a little research. I wanted to know the spots one could go to escape the stress and just unwind. I wanted somewhere close to the ocean with all that fresh Atlantic air. Somewhere that felt close to God.




Where do tired Lagos residents go when they need to recharge? - Ella Temisan


I found a few. They were mostly located on the island, around Epe, Ibeju Lekki, Lekki and its environs. I was excited until I saw their charges for even a day’s visit.


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How much do I have that I will spend N152,000 minus VAT to forget my worries? Don’t you think I will be consumed with worry if that kind of money leaves my pocket for some ocean breeze? I won’t even want to hear God because it must be ignoring Him that led me to the place where I will lose that type of money.


I looked at some hotels too. The idea was to just sleep on a nicer mattress; get some room service, maybe a spa treatment and just chill. But even that one equals to committing financial suicide.




Why is enjoyment so expensive? Must I remain inside stress for as long as it takes to save up for one day of enjoyment?


How do you people do it?


I need pointers for affordable getaway ideas in Lagos. If you can help me, I will be most grateful. 

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