Who killed Karen? – Peju Akande

Who killed Karen? – Peju Akande



The news of the death of Karen Happuch Akpagher sent me reeling with pain.



Karen was a 14-year-old student of Premiere Academy, Lugbe in Abuja. She is reported to have died from an infection caused by a used condom found stuck in her vagina.



Dear Lord!



This piece of information is so disturbing.



You send your child to school. She gets sexually molested because at age 14, this child is a minor. So, anyone who had sexual encounter(s) with her is guilty of rape.


Okay, so this child is said to have sent for her mother to come pick her from school as she was feeling unwell. Mum hurried to school but was told by the authorities that there was no cause for alarm; as her daughter would be duly taken care of by the school’s clinic.


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Who killed Karen? – Peju Akande



Mum heads back home relieved the school was doing its job. Karen calls her mum again wondering why she hadn’t come pick her. Mum says school says not to. Karen breaks down and insists Mum comes to pick her.


Mum gets angry, asking her why she was stressing her by insisting she comes to pick her. A traumatized Karen asked to speak to her uncle and told him, “You people don’t know why I was asking you to come pick me and you are leaving.”



Mum had to go pick her up.



On June 19, 2021, Karen was taken home. The following day she was taken to the hospital. Two days later, 21st of June, 2012, Karen was dead!


According to her mum, “…they ran a test and discovered that it was a condom that was left in her. They tested her urine and it contained sperm…Like that, infection and sepsis led to her death.”






What the…!



Who the…!



How the…!



This is so very maddening!



As a parent, you want to sink your teeth into someone’s neck for this!


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Who did it?






How long has this been going on?



And oh hell, why didn’t Karen tell her family who was responsible for this? Why did she take that secret to her grave?



Why, oh why!



But I have a story to tell.




Who killed Karen? – Peju Akande



A few years ago, I came upon a story about secondary school kids having sex among themselves. Kids as young as 12 and upwards were reported to be great at giving blow jobs to their fellow students…in the classrooms! This was particularly rife among senior students.


They often met in the school’s toilets for sex! It was common. It was done with the knowledge of several other students who weren’t involved in these! In fact, several of the senior boys had vowed to have sex with the girls after their WAEC and NECO exams.


That day, I was sad for these kids. Then I told myself, why are you acting like an old woman? Weren’t girls scaling the fence to meet men in town when you were in school back in the 80s? They were about this age 13, 14 upwards…


So, this sex in school thing is as old as 19kprigidim. But even though it is bad, I can live with it happening between children of the same age; not some old fart molesting a girl young enough to be his child.



But let’s go back to Karen!



One thing is very clear. Karen knew who had been sexually assaulting her and it was unlikely to be the first time… wearing a condom as he did and forgetting to remove it. She was also very afraid to tell.



Being in a boarding school, it is easy to conclude that the person had to be someone who resided in the boarding house environment.



Or one she met outside the school.



You may want to ask how she could have met someone outside school if she was in a boarding house?



Students sneak out of school!



If she didn’t sneak out, could it be a fellow student was responsible for this. He’s probably the one dumb enough to forget a condom inside her.


Or a teacher. Someone from admin or someone higher up? To my mind, being older, they are unlikely to forget a condom in this child.


But again, you just never know.

We will find out in the days to come. Hopefully, the police will carry out their forensics on the sperm found in the condom and a match will be made…


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But come first, how are the parents of this child expected to grieve?



Are they going to be sorry they weren’t close enough to their children for her to open up to them?


When Mummy shouted at Karen, asking her why she was stressing about coming home, could Karen have wanted to confide in her but changed her mind with the shouting?


I know I would beat myself mad if I were in mummy’s shoes. I would go over every detail leading to Karen’s death; asking myself why I didn’t stay long enough in the room to find out what was going on with my child.



I would slice myself up, asking why didn’t I see the signs?



Why didn’t I know? I am the parent, I should know, I should be able to protect and guide my child…



Stop it!



You are not God; neither are you your child’s Jehovah Jireh!



As a parent, you have done your best and when the best isn’t good enough, hand it to God.


Here’s praying whoever “raped” Karen be found…Me thinks it just might be another school boy but if not, let the Police earn their pay!



May God help us all!

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