Wholegrain: Steps to a healthier diet

Wholegrain:  Steps to a healthier diet



Studies have shown diets rich in wholegrain foods can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke) certain types of cancer and Type 2 diabetes.


The mechanisms by which wholegrains help prevent these diseases are not fully understood but may include antioxidant protection, the effect of fibre in the digestive tract and intake of phytochemicals.


Higher wholegrain intake has been linked to lower body weight, BMI [body mass index] and cholesterol levels.

Studies suggest that wholegrain foods may be more filling than their refined counterparts which may help body-weight regulation and reduce the urge for snacking between meal


Here are nine ways to do it:



Eat porridge

Start the day with some wholegrains at breakfast like porridge. If you don’t have time for a bowl of cereal then try breakfast biscuits which can provide wholegrain.


Swap white bread for brown

Swap white bread for wholemeal bread – look for the words ‘wholegrain’ or ‘wholemeal’ on the label.” It honestly doesn’t taste any worse.


White rice for brown



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Wholegrain: Steps to a healthier diet



Choose brown rice instead of white – look out for brown basmati and quick-cook brown rice.

Again, taste isn’t compromised.


And white flour for brown

Use wholemeal flour for baking.

If you’re not used to baking with wholemeal flour start by substituting half the white flour with wholemeal.

As you get used to cooking with wholemeal flour you can gradually increase the proportion.


Ban crackers

If you want an easy snack or a better basis for your hummus or cheese, try oatcakes or wholemeal crackers instead of cream crackers.


Avoid couscous

It seems super-healthy, and in many ways it is: but couscous is not as healthy as bulgur wheat when it comes to wholegrain.


Add barley

Add barley to soups and stews – it makes them thicker, creamier and all-round better.


Eat popcorn



Wholegrain: Steps to a healthier diet


Popcorn is a wholegrain so as a treat, swap crisps for unsalted sugar-free popcorn.



Corn on the cob is wholegrain so serve it as a vegetable or add sweetcorn to recipes like spaghetti bolognaise or chilli con carne.

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