Why are our kids roller-skating along the expressway? – Ella Temisan

Why are our kids roller-skating along the expressway? – Ella Temisan




I don’t think I saw Nigerians roller-skating until I was a teenager but then, it was only in some selected spaces and areas.




Back then, roller-skating seemed to be a sport for ajebutter children and their friends; nobody really took it outside sports centers, malls, and those expensive estates.


But now, the reverse is the case; anywhere you turn, you see kids gliding around with those killer roller skates in every area of Lagos.


Of course, I am worried; and I have some questions.


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Is anyone checking the quality of the skates and helmets these kids are running around with? Yes, my question is pertinent since we don’t produce even toothpick in these parts, so these skates are definitely being imported.


So who is checking the quality and standard of what is being imported?


These days, most young boys are using this ‘skating’ thing as a means of making fast money. They help business enterprises, and even churches to distribute fliers/stickers and raise awareness for brand products for a certain fee which is good and fine but is anyone regulating this?

Why are the boys running along major roads and expressways in Lagos on roller skates? In this Lagos that road drivers are mentally unstable?


The only place I have not seen them is on the Third Mainland Bridge; apart from that, they are everywhere distributing fliers and putting them on people’s cars.


Sometimes when they get tired, you will see them holding on to cars or buses and just speed away. I guess they have targets and a number of fliers they must distribute daily, so they have to meet their targets.


Late last year, I watched two skaters collide along the Lekki-Epe Expressway. It was late, I think around 8 pm and these boys were on the road still distributing fliers.


I don’t know what their employers were thinking, but soon enough, they ran into each other, helmet against helmet and they both fell on the road.


The good thing was that there was traffic (Lagos traffic can be good sometimes), so vehicles stopped and people helped the boys back on their feet but they seemed dazed and just laid by the side of the road. I do hope that those kids were not seriously injured.


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Anyway, my concern for today is this: is there anyone regulating the kids skating along the major roads and expressways?


Are they even supposed to be doing that? Is there a place where these kids learn how to ‘roller-skate in Lagos?


Or does it mean that anyone who finds a pair of skating shoes just learns on his own and then jumps on the road?

Questions, questions but who has answers?


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