Why deceive a woman for Green card? – Nkem Ndem

Why deceive a woman for Green card? – Nkem Ndem


The average Nigerian considers life outside the country a sort of paradise. We have been conditioned to believe that living abroad will give them an edge in all areas of life and will thus speed up our quest to “making it” or achieving our destiny.




As result of this belief or assumption, many tend to see the green card as  a lifeline, so much that some are willing to go to great extremes to get their hands on the precious commodity.



Of course, it is not new hearing a foreign woman or man cry over being duped by a fraudster who persuaded  them to believe they were in love, only to  change completely once marriage certificate is issued and the assurance of permanent legal status abroad is given.




In fact, it is a major tactic of  the “yahoo boys” who have wrecked so much havoc that foreigners are now weary of cross-border relationships (business, romance or otherwise) with Nigerians.


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They are burdened with the nagging concern as to whether the guy or girl is really into them or is just after a chance to live permanently in a foreign country… and cases reported in the media have not done much to allay these fears.




A few days ago, it was reported on social media that a US-based Ghanaian man secretly left his lawfully wedded wife in the United States to marry another woman in Ghana.




According to the sister of the original wife, the man named Daniel had told his wife he was going for a four week-vacation in Ghana during the Christmas holidays …only to secretly wed another woman within the period.




Her post read:




“Watch out!! Pls if anyone knows this lady, tell her she just got married to my sister’s husband. Daniel is been Married in American NJ since 2011. Their baby girl just turned 1. He went visiting Ghana for just 4weeks!


My sister gave him Residential permits, sponsored his Master’s degree! We Are Not Sitting Still. We will all lose TOGETHER. There is Law in America. Tell them USA Immigration Services had been duly informed. Kindly Forward…help us reach her!”


Here’s a thing, under U.S. immigration laws, getting married without the intention of having a life together, but with the object of gaining lawful permanent residence is marriage fraud, and marriage fraud can expose both the culprit and the U.S.  citizen to criminal prosecution.




The culprit alone can get five years in prison and a $250,000 fine if he is tried and convicted.




Clearly, Daniel’s wife can make his life miserable now that she has wind of his escapades in Ghana.


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She could sue for divorce, paint him as a scumbag, cause the man all kinds of grief and make him regret for all he’s worth.




This trend is one that has repeatedly shown us up as a people with fraudulent tendencies. Deceiving or leading a woman on to the point of marriage all in the hope of securing a Green Card is not much different from swindling or stealing by trick; it is fraud at its peak. Sadly, many of our young men are neck-deep in this practice, with many unsuspecting older foreign women getting their fingers burnt by the day.


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  1. Nigerian

    Well, its rather strange that this article focuses on men deceiving women for a green card when we know there is a higher incidence of women doing that to men. The author should have written from both angles. None is worse than the other.


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