Why do people cheat?

Why do people cheat?

Cheating is always a topic of conversation, because while it happens all the time, it still manages to feel like a shocking heartbreak.

Cheating is often just a symptom of a much greater underlying rot that has set into relationships which haven’t been properly communicated or dealt with by the couple, including feeling neglected, trapped, unsupported or having needs unmet.

When someone’s cheated on by their partner, they’re often left asking: why?

Here is why:

There’s love lost

 If two people love each other, then fall out- Lack of love, communication kills relationships fast.

They want more sexual partners

Perhaps our mating habits are more akin to animals than we think as the second most common reason for cheating. “greater variety of sexual partners”.

To boost self-esteem

 Insecurity as a reason for cheating

Just for sex

Some just want to have sex – yes, really. (To explore)

Feeling unloved

How people express affection to one another. Some partners communicate more verbally by saying nice things, whereas others might prefer to express affection physically by cuddling or kissing. If your love language is different to your partners, that can leave you feeling unloved – and potentially more open to the affections of someone who seems to understand you better.

Fear of commitment

People would be the most secure in their relationship, such as after getting engaged or when someone is pregnant. So as not to waste their time.


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