Why People cheat on their partners at Christmas parties

Why People cheat on their partners at Christmas parties

Work Christmas parties aren’t just hotspots for office goss and actually interacting with the person who sits opposite you. They’re also ripe breeding grounds for all kinds of naughtiness.

That naughtiness includes sex, and that sex includes cheating. Yup, Christmas parties are very often where people embark on affairs or have one-off smooches with people who, um, aren’t their significant others.

That’s not just anecdotal – both Illicit Encounters and Ashley Madison report an increase in affairs over the Christmas party period. Ilicit Encounters’ new survey of 1,000 people found that a third of people have cheated on a partner at Christmas, and that the work party is where an affair is most likely to start.

The site reports that the three week period starting from 3 December and going to Christmas Day is the peak time for cheating, ahead of summer holidays and New Year’s Eve. 57% of those surveyed who had been unfaithful said their affair was with a colleague, and that things had started getting naughty at the office party. 68% said they had cheated because they had got drunk and things had gone too far.

There’s a fairly even split between office party footsy turning into more and being a one time thing. 46% continued seeing their colleague romantically after Christmas.

There also tends to be some buildup before the big night, with 74% of those who cheated with a work colleague admitting to flirting with their hookup buddy in the run-up to festivities. But while there may be early signs of an imminent cheating sesh, most people who get with someone at the office party don’t get caught – just 11% of the cheaters surveyed were discovered by their betrayed partner. Read more

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