Pornhub ends unverified uploads, bans downloads

Pornhub ends unverified uploads, bans downloads


Pornhub is making major changes to its service following a New York Times article; that highlighted how the site’s lax enforcement of its policies has enabled child exploitation.


Pornhub, an adult website owned by MindGeek; is going strict on the type of content it has on the portal.


In a bid to keep objectionable content off its platform, the website has announced that it will allow only verified users to upload videos and will ban downloads; except for paid content from verified users. It is just one of the ways how it is moderating the content and more is said to arrive next year.


Pornhub, the website that reportedly receives over 3.5 billion visits each month and 1.36 million hours of video uploads every year; is definitely not easy to moderate and take a look at every video with such objectionable content. As mentioned in the NYT article, slips do happen in such a large-scale moderation; and thus gets a massive viewership like other videos on the platform. The report talks about footage depicting rape; as well as revenge porn clips on the website along with videos showing minors.



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As per the report, the people shown in such videos go into depression; and even become suicidal as such content on a porn website can have a huge impact on the person.


It is not for sure what Pornhub has in mind for moderation in future and whether it will be implemented on more than 100 porn websites that is owned by MindGeek. But it surely seems to be a step in the right direction.






Source: HT TECH

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