Why women call men daddy during s*x

Why women call men daddy during s*x


You’ve ever wondered whether people who call their sexual partners “daddy” whilst in the throes of passion are actually fantasizing about doing the dirty with their biological or adoptive paternal figure (trying to keep this as technical as possible, folks), then here’s the news you’ve been waiting for: Women (and probably men, for that matter) aren’t out here dreaming of doing their parents (no matter what Freud says).


In fact, when people call each other ‘daddy’ during sex, it generally has nothing to do with familial relations at all.


This startling (and somewhat soothing) revelation comes to us via Broadly; which has done the hard work and asked a sex therapist why it is exactly that people can’t just stick with the normal “honey, baby, sugar” while engaging in coitus and gotta get into pet names that suggest the possibility of incest.


What an easy-to-understand and absolutely acceptable explanation! Now, even if you find it creepy to be called daddy (full disclosure: I personally like to call myself “daddy” in decidedly non-sexual settings because I know it’s creepy as hell) at least you know that it has nothing to do with actual parents.


Thanks, Broadly! Appreciate your digging into this and all of us here are delighted to know; that it isn’t weird in the slightest.


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Wait, what? There’s more?



Yep. According to Broadly, there’s more than one reason that women call their sexual partners ‘daddy/Daddy’ (the capitalization is important in sub/dom relationships); because human sexuality is a beautiful spectrum and some women prefer to imagine themselves as aged younger in their sex-lives; despite being full-grown adults in all other capacities and situations.


Point being, for some people, “Daddy” is a gentler way of saying “sir” (because, as Broadly points out; then affection’s involved) while still “submitting to male authority figures.”


That means that these women — and there must be male submissives in this niche as well; are probably not into actual incest but are into the whole idea of masculine paternal figures who will also engage in sexual play. Read more 

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