Why women want their partners to masturbate

Why women want their partners to masturbate




By now we all might probably know how good masturbation is! Its benefits range from relieving that stress to promoting body competition. But some women tend to assume that if their partner has been masturbating, then they are probably not satisfied with them. Well, let us tell you one thing women, your assumption is totally wrong.

A man having autonomy over his own body and enjoying it independently does not diminish his attraction to you, or your worth as a partner!


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There are many reasons why your partner might be masturbating which is actually a good thing. Here are 4 possible reasons why you shouldn’t be feel offended if you find him masturbating.


1. It can make them confident



Sometimes guys need to try out certain things with their own penis or the bottom or the testicles, in their own private pace. That way he can be more confident in bed when it’s time to try a different position that suit his sensations.

Experimenting can help them discover new physical pleasures or ways to climax for themselves. In this way they even develop a greater sense of how to approach their partner’s bodies with creativity, sensitivity, and without limiting their expectations of what might be a turn on!


2. It can actually save their life



Most men die because testicular cancer is not found fast enough, or go unrecognised by them. Most women don’t know about this.

If a guy happens to find a lump, they wouldn’t do anything about it, and massive men are reported that they felt generally uncomfortable and unwilling to discuss any issues concerning their genitals with their GPs.

That is why he masturbating and getting to know his body and what’s normal for him could genuinely save his life!


3. It’s great for stress relief and better sleep



Taking matters into their own hands is a natural, fast-acting way to release endorphins; as well as relieve stress, plus emptying his knackers can help a guy have a better night sleep.

Yes, sex does the same thing too but requires much more effort. It can be hard for them at times to summon that much energy when they are already exhausted. It’s not selfish, it’s just self care.


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4. It can help him last longer while having sex




When a guy is confident enough and know his own body, he can probably hold himself for a little while longer.

Masturbating allows guys to practice getting used to the sensation of penetrative sex; so that it’s not too overwhelming when they’re with you and thus avoiding premature ejaculation.

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