Why you should be careful about falling in love

Why you should be careful about falling in love



Our era is full of evenly or oddly distributed love. You can be lucky if you are the one in your relationship receiving the bigger portion of attention.


If, however, you are the one receiving less attention, chances are that you are an upcoming motivational speaker because of the severity of the heartbreak that awaits you ahead.


Men and women have mastered the art of ‘falling in love’ when they wish to. Someone will look at you straight in the eye and let out the best romantic lines one after the other. If you are keen enough, you will realise that it’s only the mouth uttering these words and not the heart.


Woe unto you if you are naïve and start thinking that you have finally found your rib. Get it from me today my fellows, these ribs are not as easy to find as they were back then. Like homeless birds, there are a lot of lost ribs hovering around other ribs trying to find a place to perch.


Be careful which rib lands on your parking lot. Like a wise man once said, a lot of people are looking for help and not love. If you find any of those speaking love but needing help, take off and don’t look back.



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How to spot them:


Eye candy

Somehow, they know what to say, when to say it and how to say it. I call them smooth operators. They will quickly sweep you off your feet, toss you into the air and immediately make you feel like Cinderella.


You will then start looking at the rest of us from a bird’s eye view and wondering how unlucky we are. My sister, before you know it, the force of gravity will do its thing on you and your body will give the ground a thorough high five. If I ever further my studies, I promise to do a research on the connection between ‘good looking’ men and lies.


Their looks will grab your attention and make your heart skip a beat. They have a talent in them that if not well tapped, will disappear somewhere in the corridors of love.

They should be used to lure cattle rustlers to the authorities. I am not saying the rest are not good looking, don’t get me wrong, but if he is good from far, trust me, chances are, he is far from good.



The dreamers

These women can plan their lives with you without your knowledge. Day in, day out, they will preach about how innocent and naïve they are while deep down, they have cast their net on you and are in the process of harvesting the whole of you and make your life miserable. If you hear a woman constantly talking about how much of ‘wife material’ she is, my friend, increase the length of your strides as you walk away.


Those are the same women who will steal your love and attention and kidnap your soul forever. By the way, this is a very dangerous lot because for you to free yourself from them, you might have to surrender yourself to your maker for spiritual cleansing.


You will always see and hear them even when they aren’t around. After you part ways with them, they will haunt you for the longest time ever. Just when you think you have moved on and found a new life, they will reappear in form of anything. You will even see them on your plate while having your favourite meal.


What I am trying to say is, whatever happens, always involve your brain when making any decision in matters love.


You cannot afford to fall in love with a ghost lover. Been there, done that, and trust me, it isn’t a walk in the park.

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