Why you should spend time outdoors

Why you should spend time outdoors

Improving mental wellbeing

Being outdoors has been proven to increase alertness, relieve fatigue and reduce impulsive behaviour and aggression. In fact, 88% of people find mental wellbeing is a key benefit of spending time in the garden.

Incredibly, a survey found natural surroundings influenced mental health so much that there was 50% less crime and domestic violence in families with views of vegetation when compared to those without such views, when living in identical housing blocks.

Spending time in the garden has also been linked with reduced levels of agitation and increased motivation in dementia sufferers. Watching birds and wildlife is actually one of the most popular activities for people living with the disease. A simple patio heater and a sun/rain shelter ensures these activities can be enjoyed all year round.

Breathing fresh air, away from indoor pollutants

When most people think of pollution, they visualise busy roads. Few people think of gas cookers, cleaning products, dust, damp and mould, even though these sources are found where we spend most of our time, inside the home. Of course outdoor pollutants exist too, but they can be found in much higher concentrations when they accumulate indoors. Getting outside will give your lungs a well-deserved break. Read more 

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