Why you shouldn’t share everything with everyone

Why you shouldn’t share everything with everyone



I’ve always been someone who believes sharing is caring and it is not just restricted to food.

Sharing for me flows like a river. It’s an amazing feeling, sharing any piece of information with someone. I feel it’s the honesty in sharing stuff with others that helps me create new bonds.

Why you shouldn’t share everything with everyone




However, I recently realised that sharing too much with way too many people can backfire. Why?

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I asked myself the same question. I dug deep in order to understand the harm oversharing is doing to me.


Anything happening in my life had to be shared. That is how my brain also started to function. This ultimately led to self-manipulation, something I never saw coming.

Why you shouldn’t share everything with everyone

When life throws experiences at you, it is for you to analyse not others to validate.

When you share too much, people tend to judge the hell out of it. That never did the person on the receiving end, or their confidence any good

Secondly, do you realise that by sharing too much with people you are not only telling them too much about you but also about all the characters in your story?



Maybe the people in your story don’t want to be talked about. Who gave you the authority to do that. You might own every single thing that happens in your life but that doesn’t give you any right to make people heroes or villains in front of others.

Yes, you might feel better after sharing and it feels even better when people relate with your story. That is just how a human functions.

But do you even know that most people don’t even care what you are saying and are probably making you the talk of the town behind your back for all the wrong reasons?




Lesson learnt: Not every story merits sharing. Some things are to be hidden in order to polish them so that you see them more clearly.

You probably blame social media too for letting you put your political and emotional beliefs out there with ease but even social media has a character limit. Just so you know.

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Just keep it sacred, limited to people you genuinely care about and people who care about you too.

Keeping your life personal will only benefit you. A little silence is as necessary as deep breaths once in a while.

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