Wife not racehorse or race car – Viola Okolie

Wife not racehorse or race car – Viola Okolie





I have heard women, or a wife referred to as a lot of things; all depending on the perspective of the “referrer”.



For some, woman is nurturer.












Wife not racehorse or race car – Viola Okolie



Daughter – yes even in some marital relationships; the father figure treats or regards the mother figure the way they would a dearly beloved daughter; and before you go all up in arms about that, cast your mind back to the way men are with their daughters.


Now, you can relax. Personally, I feel safe around someone who would want to be that way around me – a father figure. Yeah, I may have daddy issues. But it is not a crime. So, please package your umbrage tightly and shift slowly.



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Anyway, people generally refer to members of the other gender in a way that generally gives off an impression of how they perceive them, and gives the observer an insight into what the quality of relationship between both parties may look like.



My shield.



My desire.



My love.



Or my protector.


Etc. etc…


Then last week or thereabouts, an old tweet by embattled erstwhile Minister of Aviation; Chief Femi again Kayode was unearthed. And we all took a collective gasp as we heard a new one;



My racehorse.



My race car.



Okay, Stop Press.



Wife not racehorse or race car – Viola Okolie




You see, it is not too far-fetched the run outs swirling around about how this our chairman had conducted four (and counting) marriages so far, if really his opinion of women is that they are like racehorses.


Have you ever seen how humans treat racehorses? Yes, they pet and groom them but to what purpose? So that they can be driven (ridden) to the limits of their endurance and pushed beyond what may be considered the norm. The racehorse is only beloved for as long as it can continue to win races; providing its genes to breed the next generation of super horse powers – literally speaking.



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There is no love lost for a racehorse that goes down on duty – it is euthanized immediately.




Same with one that develops any “faults” as a result of being driven so hard. It is immediately “decommissioned” while the owner and the rest of the world moves on to the next best breed being groomed to succeed.



Racehorses are not treated with kid gloves and compassion. They are pushed, by Jove they are pushed.



Therefore, why on earth would a man who finds succour between the laps and breasts of a woman he claims to love so much, compare her to a beast of burden whose primary aim in life is to endure beyond what is humanly possible and breed reliable offspring? And not to mention that this same woman permits you “rev her engine” twice daily?



Holy Moses!



Which brings us to the second point. There is a reason you don’t see race cars on the streets of the world. They are not built for the purpose of being utility, every day vehicles. They are not designed to assist or ease the pressures of existing without them. Indeed, they are not designed to be “useful” in every sense of the word.


Race cars are like an eccentric enterprise which; once again, are designed simply to push a man-made machine to the limits of its endurance. A race car is not designed to stand the test of time. It is designed to be raced into oblivion if possible, on day one of its hitting the race course.



They are fast. They are furious. If you do not know how to handle them, they could be extremely fatal to the inexperienced driver. One thing they are not designed for though is to be seen as a necessary partner for everyday survival. Who would put a race car on the streets to take school runs and dash down to the market; or do all the million and one things you need to do daily?






You ride them good and you ride them hard. If they buckle under pressure, you move on to the next.



No leisurely washing on Saturday afternoons or taking them out for a spin to the mall; or lovingly waxing them or even pimping them out for race cars. They were not designed to be loved.



So, once again, reading that cringe-worthy article by Oga FFK; it is easy to see why none of his ex-wives, including the one allegedly standing up now to claim she had been married to him for 23 years, has stayed the course. It is obvious that his approach and outlook towards women is heavily flawed.



It’s one thing to walk into a compound and claim you saw a flower or “goat” that you want to be allowed to pluck and take home and nourish; it is yet another to walk into a store, slam down your cash, get a race car; head for the race course and attempt to grind it to dust.



Something is wrong dear, ex-Minister. Yes, while we may believe you that your latest former wife Precious had mental problems; you may help unravel the puzzle by confirming if she had those mental problems BEFORE you married her or after. Did you see her with mental problems and go ahead to marry her?



Wife not racehorse or race car – Viola Okolie



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Or did you attempt to push your wife like a race horse or race car; (which we now understand you think she was); and like race horses and cars, she got to her limit and buckled under the pressure?




Because Sir, if she was not mad before you married her, guess what made her “mad”?




Next time, Sir, go and buy yourself a racehorse or a race car. Quit attempting to convert human beings into eccentric toys.



We, the concerned citizens of Africa, are here with our notebooks; tallying all your failed attempts at such wicked conversions to help you reach conclusions you seem reluctant to want to reach yourself.

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