Wike reiterates belief in Nigeria’s unity, denounces secessionists

Wike reiterates belief in Nigeria’s unity, denounces secessionists

Governor Nyesom Wike has restated his belief in the unity of Nigeria, vowing that he will not allow anybody to take over the territory of Rivers State in the name of agitations.

Wike made this assertion during the visit of the new Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Farouk Yahaya to Government House, Port Harcourt on Monday evening, July 26.

He further implored secessionists to redress their concerns legally rather than resort to violence.

The Governor restated his belief in the unity of Nigeria because it is God who has put the different people together and such a decision cannot be a mistake.

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“There must be differences. There must be anger. It is for us to sit down to discuss it. I have said generally that I am not against anybody agitating for whatever you want to agitate. My take is that you cannot be violent.

“So if anybody says they’re agitating, I have no problem. But don’t agitate to say I’m part of you. No, don’t do that. I am the Governor of Rivers State, with all due respect. I must make sure the territory called Rivers State must not be taken away by anybody or a group of people. It is my responsibility to protect it.

“I believe in the unity of this country. I believe that God did not make mistake to say there should be a country called Nigeria.”

Speaking further, Governor Wike explained that his administration is ridding the state of shanties that have served as criminal hideouts for hoodlums who are disturbing the peace of the state.

The governor said the action is not targeted at any group of persons and urged them to stop reading ethnic or religious coloration into the government’s action.

Governor Wike stated that his administration is always willing and ready to work with all the security agencies in the fight against criminality in Rivers State.

“I don’t understand why we cannot remove politics from our jobs. Let’s do our jobs and keep the country going. I can tell you that I’m willing and ready to work with all the security agencies, not only the army.

“The gunboats we are providing are almost ready. We have paid for everything. We will also provide vehicles. All I need is the security of my people. I’m here to partner with you.

“I am here to make sure that lives and property are protected. I do so by giving support to the security agencies to protect lives and property. To protect our natural assets.”




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