Will you succumb to blackmail if your nudes are liable to be exposed? – Peju Akande

Will you succumb to blackmail if your nudes are liable to be exposed? – Peju Akande



This is one of the tricks of blackmail being used these days.



Blackmailers, rapists, robbers…they video their victims after they have molested them and threaten to expose the videos; if the victims refuse to play ball.



This is the story of a 17-year-old girl at UNILAG, who was raped by eight boys, among whom were; according to The Punch; Moboluwaji Omowole, 19; Chuka Chukwu, 19; Peace Nwankaba, 19; James Aguedu, 20; and Osemeka Josephine, 20, who were reported to have filmed their evil act.



Thereafter, they resorted to blackmail and threatened to share the video, if she dared report them.



Will you succumb to blackmail if your nudes are liable to be exposed? – Peju Akande



The shame of being seen by everyone on campus, perhaps, even by her own parents sealed the victim’s lips…Unfortunately for her, the perpetrators used this blackmail to gang rape her on two more occasions. Thankfully, she confided in a friend, who helped her talk to the right people and today, the case is in court.



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Last week, I saw a video on Instagram of yet another victim of sexual assault blackmail; a certain Bolanle Adenekan, aka Alhaja S Gold, another victim of this heinous crime. In the video, she narrated how she was home alone when a knock woke her up from sleep mid-morning. This happened after her daughter had gone to school.



At the door were two young men who announced they needed her services in entertainment. She told them she only attended to clients at her shop. But they insisted it would be worth her while. So, she opened the door for them and that was when her troubles began.



They were no amateur artists; they were thieves; blackmailers who had come to take advantage of the fact that they knew she would be alone at that time of the day.



They demanded money off her. When they saw she didn’t have any, asked for her ATM card and her phone number. Before that, of course, they had demanded she strip naked and play with herself while they videoed her. This, they said they would expose on Facebook, if she failed to comply with their demand for money.



She didn’t succumb to their threats. Instead, she did her own video as well. She took the power from the cowards and came out herself to report their crime!



I don’t know who advised Alhaja S Gold to come out to tell her story. But I want to applaud the person or persons for it; just like Salawa Abeni, who was was also a victim of blackmail. The legendary singer was being blackmailed by a young man over a photo he thought would shame her; if exposed online.



There are several other stories of young schoolgirls living in fear of being ‘exposed’ because they had been drugged, raped, and filmed. They remain silent while these rapes continue because they are afraid of their parents; or what people will think of them, so the power remains with the cowardly blackmailer(s).




Will you succumb to blackmail if your nudes are liable to be exposed? – Peju Akande



Imagine if that young UNILAG girl had gone ahead to report her rapists. She wouldn’t have been gang raped twice by the same bastards!



Women should learn now and so should any man who is being blackmailed. The ‘worst’ never happens! The worst is you will be shamed by these cowards and people would see your nakedness, right?



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So what?



So, what if the world sees your nakedness? How many will we remember afterwards?



How many can you recall?



Someone said the Babcock student whose sex tape leaked.



I asked a few people around, few remember it.


How many people recall the story or even remember what she looked like and even if so; the world is too burdened with the vagaries of life to be drooling over one sex tape; especially when several millions more are jostling for our attention.



Blackmail is a crime. Should anyone find themselves at odds with the cowards pulling the strings of blackmail; please expose them before they take that power from you!

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