Woli Arole: “Stop worshipping people because you want them to help you”

Woli Arole: “Stop worshipping people because you want them to help you”

Comedian and Actor Woli Arole has asked people to stop worshipping others because they want to get help. Woli in his Instagram post stated that even after praising them, only people who want to help, will do so.

He wrote: My Daddy, My mummy, My kinikan, kinikan, My Mentor, My Father. See person wey no go HELP you no go HELP you. Shikena!!!!!


Stop worshipping people because you want them to help you - Actor Woli Arole

Woli Arole recently got married and needless to say, he is enjoying his new status. According to him, he feels honoured and blessed to have got married to his ‘best friend’. Here is what he said during the session:

“I feel good, blessed, and honoured to be married.

I am entering another phase of my life. It is indeed a dream come true for me.

I am married to my best friend.

Before, the highlights of my career were the times movies I featured in were shown in cinemas and on Netflix.

But now, I have so many highlights. My prayer for my fans is to always have highlights.”

The comedian also admonished social media users not to ‘easily adopt’ trends.

He said: “I recently admonished social media users on the use of slangs. The ‘cut soap for me’ slang is funny. We do not know those that invented the slang and its purpose. But, I don’t think it is safe. It feels weird and that is why I had to speak about it. We need to be careful.

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