Woman beats friend mercilessly after catching her with husband (Video)

Woman beats friend mercilessly after catching her with husband (Video)

It was a bad day for a cheating woman who took advantage of her friend’s absence to sleep with her husband after she was caught in the act and beaten mercilessly.

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It was gathered that all hell was let loose after angry wife caught her cheating friend identified as Nkiru sleeping with her husband in their matrimonial bed.

The angry wife, identified as Mrs. Nwosu, who could not take the fact that her friend whom, according to her in a trending video did a lot for, could betray her by sleeping with her husband.

The enraged wife decided to take the matter into her hands by giving Nkiru a serious beating and stripping her naked in the process.

In the video which has since gone viral, the angry wife is heard shouting her friend for daring to sleep with her husband while at the same time, giving her some heavy blows to the face, neck, body and just about anywhere exposed to her.

Insiders say that Mrs. Nwosu and Nkiru, a divorcee, were the best of friends and would exchange visits while Nkiru could visit Mrs. Nwosu’s house even in her absence. But unknown to the wife, her best friend had been having a secret affair with her husband for three years until the bubble burst when they were caught red-handed.

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The intruder is heard pleading with the wife to have mercy but she was past caring. However, the man in the eye of the storm is nowhere to be seen in the video.

Watch the video here:

A woman caught in the very act with her best friends husband.When God finally decides to expose your evil, he will first of all remove your sense. With just 2k in a local hotel for a short time this problem wouldn't have emerged.

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