Woman Crush Wednesday: Adetutu O.J Alabi (The Tribal Mark Model)

Woman Crush Wednesday: Adetutu O.J Alabi (The Tribal Mark Model)

There is beauty in every pain and there is purpose in every ash, beauty in its real sense is mysterious because it can never be perfectly understood by the beholder, the admirer or the person standing in front of the mirror.

Our woman crush Wednesday for this week is the dynamic and the facially aesthetic fast rising model Adetutu O.J, the young lady that is rapidly changing the definition of beauty and its cultural acceptance.

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Couple of weeks ago, Adetutu O.J came out via her social media platform to announce to the world that she would love to model for Barbadian-born American singer Rihanna. Adetutu fortunately got a follow back from the superstar musician, although she is yet to be announced as an official model for Rihanna’s fashion brand Fenty but there are all shades of hope for the facial model. She has become the new face of courage in a generation of lukewarmness and pretense.

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Adetutu was born in Ondo and she lost her mother at the tender age of four, hence she had to spend majority of her life with her widowed father.

She grew up lonely and heavily battled depression and inferiority complex from an early stage in her life, as a child she wasn’t socially accepted because of her tribal marks and this further drained her emotionally.

Tribal marks served as facial aesthetics in times past but in this generation it is a form of abuse and it is seen as a form of child mutilation. Adetutu wallowed in the realm of self-pity, at the age of 21 she was impregnated by her then boyfriend who would take to his heels after the news was announced to him, it was as if she came on earth to live a life of trials and tribulations as she was denounced every form of love and sincere affection.

After battling tooth and nail to accept her reflection, she finally came to accept her fate. In 2017, Adetutu ignored the backlash and filth thrown at her by social media users, she saw the tribal mark as a blessing rather than a curse and she decided to wear her tribal marks like a crown. Gradually, she became the queen of her own kingdom.

Adetutu has embraced courage and self-love, she is now an advocate for facial marks and she trying to redefine the term ‘beauty’ and make the world realize that we are all beautiful in our own way. We love you Adetutu and we support your agenda.

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