Woman faces life sentence after plowing van into boyfriend, killing pedestrian

Woman faces life sentence after plowing van into boyfriend, killing pedestrian

A woman who has been identified as Taah’viya Chapman, 24-year-old, is facing life imprisonment after plowing her van into her boyfriend and a pedestrian at a mall.

According to reports, she did that after she read text messages between her boyfriend and her sister.

The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office disclosed that the pedestrian, Christopher Scott Griffith, 58, died; attributing cause of death to the injuries he sustained when he was hit by Chanpan’s van.

Champan was arrested late last month on two counts of felonious assault; as well as one count of child endangering after intentionally plowing her van into two pedestrians, one being the father of her child.

It is reported that she had dropped her boyfriend, Jawon Lunsford, off at the Spring Grove Village Kroger on Aug. 31. While inside the store, she went through his phone; and found what she considered to be inappropriate text messages between him and her sister.

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Then, as Lunsford was leaving the shop, Chapman struck him with her van. Griffith just so happened to be strolling past the shop. Griffith later passed away at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center from his wounds. However, the leg of Lunsford was broken.

In the video recording, Chapman is seen getting out of the van and running toward Lunsford. She then repeatedly punches her partner leaving their 8-month-old baby alone in the car.

In addition to aggravated murder, murder, felonious assault, and attempted murder, a grand jury also charged Chapman with child endangerment.

Documents that claimed Chapman previously lost custody of a 4-year-old child who is now in the custody of her father surfaced in court last week. The Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services has custody of her 8-month-old.

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