Woman jailed 30 years for torture, murder of maid

Woman jailed 30 years for torture, murder of maid

A Singaporean woman has been jailed for 30 years on Tuesday for her part in the torture and death of a domestic helper from Myanmar in 2016.

The woman, 41, was identified as Gaiyathiri Murugayan.

She had pleaded guilty in February to 28 charges, including culpable homocide, related to the death of Piang Ngai Don; who was starved and weighed 24 kilogrammes when she died.

Judge Kee See Ohn on Tuesday described the case as “one of the worst” the city-state’s courts had seen, according to local media reports.

The court had previously heard that Piang faced almost daily physical assault during her 14 months working for Murugayan. The deceased maid was mostly fed bread and water. In addition, she was beaten and burned, and for the last 12 days of her life; she was tied to a window grille at night while forced to sleep on a floor.

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Prosecutors had earlier sought a life sentence for the woman involved. This was after Singapore’s attorney general recommended the accused be charged with murder. However, the defence had sought a maximum sentence of nine years. Specifically, the defence pleaded that the woman was a first-time offender; adding that she was stressed over her children’s illnesses, which she blamed on Piang Ngai Don.

Equally important, Murugayan’s mother and policeman husband also face related charges.

Around 250,000 migrants from less well-off neighbouring countries work as maids or domestic help in wealthy Singapore; where, of a population of around 5.7 million people, 1.6 million are migrants or foreign-born workers.



Source: NAN

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