Women now earn more than men in Nigeria? – Nkem Ndem

Women now earn more than men in Nigeria? – Nkem Ndem


The idea that a woman would provide for the man in her life is something any Nigerian would find irritating to the ears.


Forget civilization or “wokeness”, men are still expected to be the breadwinners in their family, especially if it is a nuclear family.

They are the head, and as most Christians will let you know, “a man who cannot provide for his family is worse than an infidel.”


Sure, modern practices in the Western world suggest that the financial burden of marriage be shared between the man and the woman, with the heaviest responsibilities carried by the one who earns more…but would that really work here?

In Nigeria, patriarchy has been woven so tightly into the fabric of our culture that the labour market automatically favours the men.


Women earn way less and are not considered for higher income or job positions as men.

They consistently face socioeconomic disadvantages caused by gender-based discrimination as they often have less access to productive resources, education, skills development and opportunities in the labour market than the men-folk.


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Interestingly, though, a woman in Festac begs to differ from this narrative.


I came across a recent video of an Igbo woman lamenting the fact that many Nigerian woman now feed their men. And no, she did not mean feeding them breastmilk.

She suggested that women now earn better than men and are offered better positions in corporate organizations, as such educated men are so frustrated they have to depend on their wives or female partners for sustenance.


She made reference to men in Festac, stating that in most schools in the area, the men now drop and pick up their kids from school. Also, the men now stay at home rather than go to work in the morning.



To my utmost surprise, a number of men in the comment section seemed to agree with her.

One comment mentioned that “this is called ‘Affirmative Action’ and it is real.

According to this particular respondent, “Corporate Nigeria has copied what corporate America has perfected.

Traditional male-centric jobs are being threatened for being “male dominated” while female traditional jobs are not being threatened for being “female dominated”.

As a result, freshly graduated males are discriminated against in employment for these male dominated jobs.

They employ more women. And as for the female dominated jobs, they still employ more women, causing a major imbalance in employment for both genders.”


Another noted that “70% of men in Nigeria are jobless, women are breadwinners in most marriages in Nigeria, but won’t come out openly to say it.”


Even worse, another respondent suggested that the recent imbalance where the female now have better considerations when it comes to the labour market is the reason why male suicide rate on the increase in Nigeria or Lagos at least.


An interesting comment countering the Festac lady’s assertion caught my attention though.


According to the female poster: “At the surface, this may seem true but a lot of ignorance is obviously at play. Granted, more females may get employed but this is a deliberate attempt to rectify the ills of the past where men were disproportionately employed over women.

A case in point, even if 99 women and only one man are employed in a company in a  single interview, the overall ratio of current employees in the company would still see men topping women at a ratio of almost 5:1.


“The lady gives the impression that the only factor at play here is unemployment, nah , the bigger factor is male laziness.

There’s this new trend of boys wanting to live off ladies. Apparently that ‘Abuja fine (fake)  boy’ life has entered Festac.

You have a group of men who want to chill and then locate ladies who work and they live off. At least these ones quoted are useful enough to be dropping kids at school, some chill at home.

For decades, women have been hardworking, not depending on having a paid job to make money. Even when men don’t meet their ends in a home, the average woman would bend over backwards to make sure her kids and man are fed and clothed.

Please don’t put the blame of a lazy jobless man on a hardworking woman.”


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While I cannot say for sure where these parties got their facts from, I strongly doubt that there is an imbalance in the employment ratio in Nigeria favouring females.


My observation so far seems to indicate that even occupations which tend to be referred to as female-centric are now being dominated by the males.

Think about it, the top five chefs in Nigeria are male, the top stylists and make-up artists are mostly males.


And who says a man staying at home means he is jobless anyway?


The man might be self-employed using their house as their office, he might be a consultant.

Lastly, Festac is truly the center of everything happening that shouldn’t be.


Or what do you think?


Do women now earn more than men in Nigeria?


Share your thoughts with me!


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