Women who lie about rape should be prosecuted

Women who lie about rape should be prosecuted

Lately, it seems as if it’s all the women on social media that have been raped. If you follow certain trends on the internet, you will be amazed at how some ladies cook up stories just for sympathy and clout.


Now, I know people get raped. Negative things happen underneath the sun. Women get sexually assaulted, same as men.


However, people, the media, the society are always in a haste to castigate just one gender while the other plays victim throughout the entirety of their existence.


Without a backstory or investigation, the certain damsel in distress is believed while the man gets locked up.


His dreams, aspirations, desires and urges all get halted within a twinkle of an eye.

Without intense investigation, people just swallow the lady’s story hook, line and sinker.

Nobody cares and it is dubbed ‘JUSTICE’.


Aside from members of his family, the government forgets the lad in jail, even the lady who prosecuted the man moves on with her life.


She gets married, has kids, and keeps living a deceitful life.


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Dear men, keep yourselves in the arms of God because nobody cares about the wellness of the man.


A lot of young men between the ages of 11-15 get assaulted by older women but they are unable to open up due to the elements of masculinity.


Men have been told ‘real men swallow the pain because it’ll make you stronger’.


It’s all hanky panky and an inordinate level of manipulation that drives men to a point of emptiness.


When a man talks about his issues, it is often swept under the rug.


More often than not, the man’s outcry isn’t taken seriously.


The female rapist usually goes scot-free, no charges, no ‘JUSTICE’ for the young man. Hence, he learns to live through the clog of defeatism.


He is supposed to swallow all the assaults and discrepancies like a man because ‘Real men don’t cry‘.


This is quite sad.


It is time for women to start dancing to the tune of the piper.

Indeed, when a woman is confirmed to have raised false rape allegations, they must go to jail.


They must be punished with the same yardstick as a sex offender.


A very good instance is what almost happenedo to Brazilian soccer star, Neymar.


If not for a video that surfaced along with screenshots of their conversation, the footballer’s career would have hit rock bottom with just a snap of a finger. (Read about his rape allegation here).


Watch the video where Neymar was assaulted in the hotel room:


The rape allegations against the Portuguese and Juventus superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, also American singer Chris Brown and even several innocent young men come to mind here as well. The list goes on.


It’s a crazy world.


Remember, Joseph in the Bible and how Potiphar’s wife put him in jail over a rape allegation.


The government, the social media judges, police and the leaders need to start listening to both sides of the story before giving a final verdict.


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Women create fascinating stories in their head. They prepare some of the most enthralling fiction with deceptive undertones.


It is essential for men to protect themselves.


Protect your daughters, but don’t ignore your sons.


Protect your sisters, however, don’t forget your brothers who are in trouble.


Protect your future, because the stigma of rape can disrupt the beauty of family values.


Rape is a serious issue and one not to be trifled with.


Read the tweet below and see the biased perspective of some women on rape issues:


Say no to Rape.

Say no to false allegations.

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