Wonder foods to eat for healthy heart

Wonder foods to eat for healthy heart



Healthy Heart -A banana, sweet potato and salmon a day keeps the doctor away – Australian dietician


Susie Burell revealed wonder foods to eat for a healthy heart includes a banana, sweet potato, and salmon.


With heart disease one of the leading causes of death in the world, she said, “It’s all about making a promise to yourself; to do what you can, to help reduce your risk of developing heart disease.


“It could be diet related, or a commitment to exercise more, or to even stop smoking – every small change helps to keep you healthier and reduce your own risk of developing heart disease.”


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The list of foods to be consumed in order to maintain a healthy heart are:


  1. More fresh fruit and vegetables

Speaking on World Heart Day, Susie –  who’s the Australian Bananas ambassador – said the more fresh fruit and vegetables we consume; the higher our overall nutrient and antioxidant intake are, and the healthier are our cells.

Fruits and vegetables like bananas, spinach, broccoli, sweet potato, and cucumbers are all packed full of potassium; and a diet rich in potassium is linked to lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of developing heart disease.

At a minimum, aim to eat a couple of pieces of fruit and two to three servings of vegetables every single day.


  1. Add in a handful of nuts

Nuts are a rich dietary source of essential fats and walnuts, in particular; are rich in omega 3 fat, which is particularly essential a healthy heart.

The key is to stop at just one handful and consuming a serve of nuts each day is linked to reduced heart disease risk; thanks to healthier arteries and better blood fat ratios.


  1. Don’t forget the fibre

With a gradual reduction in carbohydrates; our fibre intake has taken a bit of a beating but dietary fibre plays an important role in regulating the fats in our blood.

Soluble fibre in particular, which is found in oats, beans, and fruits including apples and bananas; is known to help lower LDL cholesterol or the ‘bad’ cholesterol in the bloodstream.

For this reason, getting your fibre by including whole grains, legumes; and fruit in your daily diet is an easy option to help improve heart health.


  1. Consumption of natural fats

When you are getting most of your dietary fat from good quality olive oil, nuts, seeds and avocado; and keeping your intake of processed fats from fried foods and snack foods low; you will be well on your way to promoting the right fat balance in the body.

This naturally acts to reduce inflammation in the body which in turn lowers heart disease risk.


  1. Eat the right type of fish

Very few people get enough long chain omega 3 fat – the type of fat known for its heart health benefits. While all fish is good for us, only salmon; fresh tuna and sardines contain relatively high amounts of omega 3 fats.

For this reason, bumping up your intake of these types of fish is one of the easiest ways to increase your omega 3 intake and get the heart health benefits associated with a high intake of omega 3 rich fish.

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