WordPress outage knocks down many famous media websites

WordPress outage knocks down many famous media websites

Some of the world’s most famous media websites experienced an outage as a result of Automattic’s WordPress VIP service experiencing some technical issues earlier on Tuesday 11 June 2019. Websites such as Rolling Stone, Venturebeat, TechCrunch, to name a few, were offline while some returned with the default WordPress Theme.

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At the time of publishing, Automattic had indicated that all websites on the WordPress VIP Go Platform were back up and running.

“We’re currently experiencing issues affecting sites hosted on the VIP Go platform. Sorry for the trouble! We are working on the issue, and will follow up with another alert once this is resolved. We will continue to update this post and tweet out status updates from @wpvipstatus until the issue is resolved,” reads an initial notice by Automattic regarding the technical issues.

Before displaying the default WordPress theme, TechCrunch was displaying this error.

It is not clear what had caused the outage at the time of publishing however Automattic did advise webmasters not to make any changes to their websites until the problem had been resolved on their end. Some of the popular websites affected included Quartz, BBC, 9to5 Google, 9to5 Mac, and many more.

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“Containers across our US data centers have been restarted and checked for consistency. Sites in those data centers should largely be functioning normally. We’re working to resolve any remaining issues across individual sites in those data centers and to address remaining issues in European data centers. All sites on VIP Go are back up and running. We’re addressing any remaining issues on a per-site basis. If you notice any remaining issues, please update open tickets or email vip-support@wordpress.com if you haven’t already done so.”


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