#WorkingFromHome: Importance of scheduling

#WorkingFromHome: Importance of scheduling







Being able to reliably predict your day-to-day happenings is,in all honestly, luxurious. While having to go to work every morning sort of forced a schedule on you; now you are home and you need to figure it all out by yourself.

Having a schedule makes you feel more at ease with everything; and you will definitely thrive and function optimally while you stay indoors.

Have you thought about setting out specific times of the day for getting particular things done? Knowing that there is a set time to get something done will make it magically easy for you to stay focused.


Also, having a set amount of time to finish a task will keep you motivated to accomplish your tasks quickly. Otherwise you can easily find yourself whittling away your tasks bit-by-bit throughout the day without really accomplishing much.


A schedule also helps you to be intentional with your daily life. You will get more intentional with all the fun stuff when you know that the things that need to get done are already settled. Knowing that it is time for a particular activity will help you feel more relaxed as you wont have to worry about all the other stuff that equally need your attention.


You will feel better knowing that there is an upcoming time slot when you will be able to sort out the remaining things. If it is chores around the house left undone, you wont be worried as you know there will be time soon to attend to them.



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As you go about making your schedule, here are suggestions of some important things you might need to give priority:


A break: You need a day when you have more rest and less work. There are mandatory tasks that have to be accomplished on a daily basis such as finishing your work duties and preparing dinner.

However, you can pick a day during the week when instead of adding more tasks you take a break. Slot time for that slow warm bath, reading a book or taking a nap.



Family time: Everybody is home and they all need your attention and time. Your work takes up most of your attention, nonetheless, you can be intentional about spending more time with your family.

Get your work done early and settle down with your dear ones infront of the teli. Have some popcorns and have some good time together.



Work: Apart from weekends and off days, your options are limited when it comes to finishing your daily work-duties.

Working from home is quite challenging but you have to keep up your dedication and ensure you perfectly carry out and finish your tasks. You can’t afford to risk this one.

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