Workouts to try at the gym

Workouts to try at the gym



If you seek comprehensive gains or results for your efforts, then compound workouts should make the bulk of your exercise routine at the gym.


Aside from their effectiveness in driving you towards your goals faster, it also has the added advantage of the optimal use of time. And yes, whatever your goal; to build strength, add mass or lose weight, you can trust these three exercises to help you get there.

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Of course, it’s not an exhaustive list. For simplicity sake and in this article, we’ll only focus on three.

Incorporate them into your routine and watch your body transform.




If workouts had a hall of fame, the deadlifts would be in there, prominently stationed. This workout routine targets the back muscles, legs, traps, core, hamstrings, quads etc. all at once. The variations such as elevated deadlifts, split stance deadlifts, Romanian DL’s or even Sumo DL’s all concentrate maximum effort on different parts of the lower body.

Key Note: Make sure your form is good to avoid unnecessary body pain afterward. Do not squat your deadlifts

This is one of my favourite workouts at the gym.




Ask ten friends to bench with you and you’ll get eleven say yes. Ask five gym buds to squat with you and it’s a different story. Everybody suddenly has a knee problem and the doctor’s advice to not stress the legs. Funny right? It’s the truth though. Nobody wants to squat and when they do and by God, enjoy it, then that’s a person who deserves serious accolades.

Squats are also compound movements that build lower back strength, firms up your stance by strengthening your feet and calves and seriously engages the core. It works on balance, builds strength and really is the type of exercise you only see the gym blooded do.

Key Note: Remember the right form for a squat is to sit back while keeping the upper body straight. Ensure the Knees are hip-width apart for starters. Other variations may be tried as your fitness level improves.



This is not a guy’s exercise. It is a serious gymrat’s exercise. Bent over rows can be done with either a barbell or a dumbbell. It simultaneously engages the pecs (chest muscles), back, core and also builds lower body strength. Often neglected by most in the gym, it is another fine way to drive gains faster.

Key Note: bend your knee as if trying to squat slightly. Ensure your back is aligned straight with your head out, not looking down to ease tension around the neck.


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