Yellow book aside, these are the 3 numbers you must have as a Lagosian – Ella Temisan

Yellow book aside, these are the 3 numbers you must have as a Lagosian – Ella Temisan




We don’t have a Yellow Book in Nigeria. For those that might not know what that is; a Yellow Book is a directory that contains contact details of residents in a city. 




A Yellow book used to be quite popular in North America. As a matter of fact, it used to be the Google search engine for finding people. But they seem to have phased out these days. 



We don’t have  Yellow book, but we have people-conscious neighbours and that works too.



An advantage of having a Yellow Book is that you can contract the services of anybody you need. Plumbers, electricians, carpenters etc. are all listed there. So, it makes life kind of easy. 



Where you don’t have access to that kind of directory, as we do in Lagos;  you have to rely on word of mouth and referrals. Usually, you don’t ask for these numbers until you need them. But I am here to tell you that there are three important numbers you must have saved on your phone



Yellow book aside, these are the 3 numbers you must have as a Lagosian - Ella Temisan



 That is, if you want to live in peace in this Lagos.


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If you thought, the first number would definitely be that of a policeman; you are wrong o. Unless you have the number of the Inspector General of Police or that man everybody listens to on Twitter; forget about this one.




In the absence of a Yellow book; the first important number you need on your phones is that of an electrician. And not just any electrician, you need the one that can climb a pole. 



Those ones that only climb NEPA poles at night without a ladder and refuse to use torchlight because; “I dey see clear for that up pass you wey dey down carry light”



Yellow book aside, these are the 3 numbers you must have as a Lagosian - Ella Temisan



Those are the ones you need. When you have them, your chest will just be rising when NEPA people enter your street with their truck/ladder. For those without prepaid meters, you know what this means. 


I am not an advocate of lawlessness and fraud. But sometimes when they climb your pole, they leave things worse than they were. Suddenly, you are stuck with low current or no current at all. That’s when you need this guy.


The second important number you won’t find in a Yellow book; but which you should have is the official emergency number for Lagos State – 112. That number can save your life when you are in an unpleasant situation. Forget what people say and just save the number. 


Sadly, most people think 911 is the universal emergency number and I don’t blame them. When you consume the volume of foreign content the way we do; you too will dial 911 without thinking. 


There are other emergency numbers we should have saved; such as the ones to report cases of domestic violence and your street’s security watch but start with 112.


Finally, the absence of a Yellow book is not an excuse for this. Indeed, one number you cannot do without in Lagos is your generator repairer’s number. Unless you live in a controlled estate/street, this person is vital to your well-being. 


As a matter of fact, this person is as important as a mechanic if you own a car. If you think having this person on speed dial is not important; pray your generator responds the next time you pull the rope.


The list is longer than this. However, in my opinion, if you’ve not started with these three, you just like stress. Say no to stress. Save an emergency number today!


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