Yoga: How to exercise on your period

Yoga: How to exercise on your period


During that time of the month, it can sound far more appealing to curl up with a heating pad on the couch than head to the gym or a yoga class. But, whether it’s good or bad news for you to hear, exercise is actually one of the things your body needs the most during this time.



Which workouts to do on your period

As with exercise in general, the best exercise to do on your period is the one you enjoy the most.

The truth is, women are just as strong and capable on their periods as they are every other week of the month. Women run marathons, perform in the Olympics, and compete in sports while on their periods all the time.

In fact, one study did find that performance was enhanced in the days leading up to a menstrual cycle for a small group of women, although more research is needed.

Yoga in particular is a good but when you’re on your period, because the poses help stretch out the tightness in your muscles to relieve cramping.


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Yoga: How to exercise on your period




A few yoga poses to try: 

  • Child’s pose can help with any back pain you may be feeling, and it also concentrates blood flow to your abdomen, leaving your internal organs feeling refreshed.
  • reclining twist stretches your back and gives a nice stretch to the legs and glutes, while butterfly can be a great way to stretch your inner thighs.
  • Forward lunges will stretch out the legs and supply them with fresh oxygen and blood as well, helping to reduce cramping.
  • Downward dog is another helpful pose. Since your head is below your heart, it sends a fresh blood flow to your head, which can aid in relieving headaches.
  • Legs up the wall pose at the end of the day can also help with circulation and stress.

What workouts to avoid on your period

If you love a particular workout and have previously enjoyed it safely, there is no compelling reason or evidence to avoid it during your period.

However, if you start to feel excessively tired lower the intensity.

Additionally, if you suffer from nausea or dizziness during a heavy flow, opt for some yoga sessions, go walking instead of running, or try a chill breaststroke instead of a freestyle swim.

One final note: If you are doing an activity that requires agility, lateral movements and quick stops or jumping, be really mindful of your landings. Some research has found that women may be at a higher risk of injuries, especially ACL tears in the knee, due to fluctuating estrogen levels as they approach ovulation.

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