Yoruba people are protesting in Lagos, I hear – Ella Temisan

Yoruba people are protesting in Lagos, I hear – Ella Temisan


So, Yoruba people protested in Lagos sometime last week. Sometimes I wonder if we are not tired of the problems in Lagos (and Nigeria) that we hold on to habits that force our sufferings to continue.

We don’t know how to cooperate in Lagos at all!

In December last year, the people of Sudan got tired of the way life was in their country. The suffering was just too much. Cost of living was increasing. Also, the economic situation at every level of their society was not funny. Things were hard.

Therefore, they came together and marched in protest. They demanded that their President Omar al-Bashir steps down. Bottom line, al-Bashir was removed from government.

Before he was even removed in a coup, the world had started talking about the unrest. We (the powers that be) simply could not just watch as over 100 tribes of people got tortured and beat down because they came together to technically shoot their shot.


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Almost the same thing is happening in Venezuela. Even though world forces have chosen to use that poor country as a pissing ground, the whole country has not given up their protest. Since January, they have been shouting for the same thing. Good governance. Together. Not one sect o, everybody.

The Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria and Omoyele Sowore gingered the #RevolutionNow protest that was supposed to be the “biggest ever” in Nigeria. It seems like nobody except few Yoruba people answered him because he is their guy.



Yoruba people are protesting in Lagos, I hear - Ella Temisan



Our dear Lagos was supposed to be the center of it (as the leaders that we is). But did we hear one peep? No. It was a Yoruba man that brought the idea, so his people should follow him.

I still don’t know if the protest was a great idea for us at this time. But even if it wasn’t, how many non-Yoruba people were at the National Stadium that day?

See, we are tribalists in Lagos. Nothing can concern us unless it affects our “brother”.


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When Oba Rilwan Akiolu swore that Igbo people will be thrown into the lagoon if they didn’t vote for his candidate, people got angry and complained bitterly. But it was just the Igbo complaining.

When we started calling every Northerner a “Fulani herdsmen” and they complained, it didn’t matter. Wetin concern us concern aboki?

Now, a chance to be make a bold call for better governance came and Lagos stood unbothered. The Yoruba are protesting. So, every other person folded their hands and watched them chop serious Police beating.

I don’t know if we can ever be united in this Lagos. Maybe one day, but for now, it is difficult to see. The same way we, Lagosians, have the tendency to be unreasonable daily, is the same way we allow tribalism take precedence over a common goal.

All man for himself and sometimes, for another man but only his kinsman. Imagine what will happen if the over 17 million of us came out to say one thing.

Even voting is a tribal thing in Lagos! (Let me not even start)


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We are all Lagosians (by birth or naturalization). So, maybe if we drop the “e no concern me” act, we can make actual progress. Outside of that, I don’t know again.



Lilian Osigwe

Osigweh Lilian Oluchi is a graduate of the University of Lagos where she obtained a B.A (Hons) in English, Masters in Public and International affairs (MPIA). Currently works with 1stnews as a Database Manager / Writer.

Lilian Osigwe

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