You can now save photos attached in Gmail messages directly to Google Photos

You can now save photos attached in Gmail messages directly to Google Photos


Google’s Workspace presentation during its I/O 2021 event marked the company’s renewed focus; on online collaboration as many countries across the world are still enforcing COVID-19 lockdown; forcing people to stay at home. During the event, Google introduced smart canvas; its latest set of improvements to Workspace meant to bolster the level of productivity across teams in an organization.


Today, the search giant announced a new update to Gmail for Workspace customers; and those using G Suite Basic and Business as well as personal Google accounts. You can now save photos attached in a Google message directly to Google Photos with a shortcut button.

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The “Save to Photos” button sits next to “Add to Drive” in the Gmail attachment on the web. You can also access the button from the fullscreen image preview; when you navigate to the overflow menu.


After clicking on the button, the attached photos will be automatically saved to Photos. That said, the feature supports only JPEG images at present. The new capability is switched on by default and it’s rolling out from today. With this feature, Google hopes to make it easier for everyone to store images; from Gmail messages to Photos without having to manually download and transfer them.





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