You won’t guess the new meaning of Lawn Tennis – Ella Temisan

You won’t guess the new meaning of Lawn Tennis – Ella Temisan

Yes, Lawn Tennis the sport.

It has a new meaning as I have recently learnt from my newest acquaintance.

I’ll call him Mr A. Mr A came to my rescue one sunny afternoon when I was trekking from Jubilee Bridge to VGC. I was stuck for hours in painful traffic that started from Abraham Adesanya. It was one of those 18mins trips that suddenly turns into an unplanned 3hr journey.

In fact, Lagos has a way of confounding the simplest minds. Even my dearest companion – Google Maps – didn’t see it coming that day. That’s an issue I’ll take up with Google later.

As I was saying, I had been on the bus for hours.

It was getting increasingly painful to sit on the wooden bench by the minute. You’d think that the ample flesh in my behind would do its job of cushioning me in my time of need? But nope. It gives way! Letting the bones grind against the rough wood of the danfo. For that matter, why anybody would switch padded leather seats for wooden benches on a public bus?

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Lawn Tennis

Have they no conscience? It just screams wickedness.

I sat in silent pain for about two hours and lost all the feeling in my legs. So, I chose to help myself in the Lagos way. I chose to trek.

I wasn’t feeling strong enough nor was I prepared for such a hectic workout. But I had to do something or continue suffering. So, I got off the bus and began to leg it. Luckily, it was a good choice because my helper stopped by in a Benz SUV and asked if I’d care to join him. Of course! Who wouldn’t want to spend time in Lagos traffic jams in comfort?

My ancestors whispered that it was okay so I hopped in and our journey began.

This man used to live in Johannesburg. He’s married with four sons and lives with his family at a posh estate in Ajah. He was one of those men that genuinely wanted to help, something I was relieved about.

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I hate being in cliched situations. So, I was relaxed all through our ride and we had a nice chat. I asked him about his destination and he told me he was going to play lawn tennis at a court in Chevron.

I was surprised at this. Wouldn’t the desire to play any sport evaporate at the sight of the kind of traffic jam we were sitting in? He said he had to play that day. I kept pressing. I told him to take the next exit and return home because the traffic jam wasn’t going to ease up in time.

Mr A insisted that he wasn’t going back home. He had to play.

Then his phone rang. Guys, there’s no way my helper would have returned home.

Lawn tennis was waiting. And Mr A had to play.

If you know, you know.

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