Young lady filmed lifting two hefty men at once (Video)

Young lady filmed lifting two hefty men at once (Video)

Many social media users were astounded when a young lady carried two fully adult guys with such ease.

The powerful young lady simply lifted each of them and took a few steps back and forth before dropping them.

Impressed by the strength the young lady wielded, the two men each gave her a high five.

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Watch the video below:



In other news, a video is making the rounds on social media that reveals the moment actor Charles Okocha goes crazy; after spotting his daughter inside a car with a man who allegedly “wanted to jazz her”.

According to reports surrounding the video, it’s alleged that Charles Okocha was fed with information; that the guy in question who took his daughter out, allegedly wanted to “jazz” his daughter during their outing.

In the video that was shared, the actor is first seen walking up to the vehicle and pulling a young lady, supposedly his daughter, out of the car; before going berserk and throwing a tantrum at the scene, swearing to deal with the guy who took his daughter.

After pacing and shouting for some time, the actor is seen grabbing a shovel and then begins to smash the guy’s windscreen into pieces. An Instagram user, @brodamike1 who got a hold of the video, shared it on his page while reacting to it.

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