Youths block Lagos-Benin expressway over fuel price

Youths block Lagos-Benin expressway over fuel price

Protesters, mainly youths, on Thursday blocked the Lagos-Benin Expressway at Oluku Junction in response to the rise in fuel price and the scarcity of the product.



Commuters who were; on their way to Lagos and those hoping to do business in the area were; stranded for long hours.



The transporters also lamented the blockade, while expressing dissatisfaction over the incident.





A trader, Grace Emmanuel who was taking her good to Ekiadolor said it was pertinent for her to take her perishable good to where she would sell them so that she doesn’t incur losses.


“It is unfortunate that this protesting is taking place because it will add to the existing problem. If I don’t get my good to where I will sell them, some might get worse and I will incur losses which I don’t want at this time.


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“They are protesting for the right reasons. The fuel situation is hitting hard on everybody but blocking the roads will lead to losses to individuals who are going to do business,” she added.



A driver who gave his name as Osahon said the protest has left most people stranded in the axis while calling on the government to look into what is causing the fuel crisis in the country.

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