YouTube tackles fake COVID-19 vaccines info

YouTube tackles fake COVID-19 vaccines info

YouTube is clamping down on videos shared on the platform that attempt to spread false information about COVID-19 vaccines. The service said it is banning clips that run counter to vaccine information from health authorities; such as the World Health Organization and local health agencies.

The ban applies to videos claiming that a COVID-19 vaccine will kill someone; or make people infertile. YouTube will also remove videos; saying that those who get vaccinated will have microchips implanted in them. That said, the video-sharing site certainly won’t block content on general discussions about those vaccines.

In April, YouTube introduced measures to crack down on content linking COVID-19 to 5G. It’s part of the service’s broader effort; to rid its platform of coronavirus-related misinformation. Interestingly, the move comes hard on the heels of Facebook’s announcement for a new policy; one that will ban ads that discourage vaccination.

YouTube plans to introduce additional steps in the next few weeks; that will give more prominence to authoritative vaccine information on its platform. Since February of this year, it has stamped out more than 200,000 videos; containing false information about the pandemic. With the increasing proliferation of misinformation; both on social media and video sharing sites; it’s interesting to see how YouTube’s latest step will also help in the fight against this type of activity.

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