Yu Break It, We Fix It: How Konga is redefining after-sales support in e-Commerce sector

Yu Break It, We Fix It: How Konga is redefining after-sales support in e-Commerce sector

Foremost e-commerce giant, Konga is giving e-commerce shoppers a lot to smile about with its value-added service – Yu Break It, We Fix It.

Specifically, Yu Break It, We Fix It is an after-sales service exclusive to Konga. Through it, customers can repair and fix damaged devices purchased within a particular period. Further making this offer more appealing is the fact that the cover is for damages not under warranty, due to liquid intrusion or screen damage.

Among the products under this coverage are computing devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Furthermore, all other manufacturer defects are treated free of charge by Konga.

Interestingly, Konga is the only company that offers customers this service. Also, the Yu Break It, We Fix It is available to shoppers nationwide.

Head of Marketing, Chidalu Ekeh affirmed that through Yu Break It, We Fix It, Konga has taken after-sales support to greater heights.

“At Konga, the satisfaction of the customer is paramount for us. Nothing else comes close to this in driving and motivating us to continually find ways to make the shopping experience more convenient and rewarding.

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“Through Yu Break It, We Fix It, we have kept the customer uppermost in our minds. This is by ensuring that there are no stress or worries whenever they require support on any device they buy from us. Indeed, our relationship with each customer that comes on board the Konga Omni-channel structure – online and offline in our physical stores – is one that transcends the buying decision.



Yu Break It We Fix It

“This is why a Konga customer is a loyal customer. We go beyond and further to keep them happy,” she enthused.

Only valid proof of purchase required to access Yu Break It, We Fix It

Further explaining how Yu Break It, We Fix It works, Chidalu noted that the process is seamless. She disclosed that once a customer sends in a device purchased from Konga, it is processed with dispatch. Further, she revealed that the device is only fixed at service centres certified by the device’s Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

“If your warranty is still valid, it continues to count even after repairs. All other warranty issues you may encounter after repairs, are treated free of charge. Also, the premium on your device repair is paid solely by Konga,” Chidalu revealed.

Additionally, it is very easy to take advantage of the Yu Break It, We Fix It value-added service by Konga. All that a customer requires is a valid proof of device purchase from Konga.

Yu Break It, We Fix It is another competitive edge Konga we have long provided to our esteemed customers. Customers can bring their damaged item(s) to our store. Also, they can ship them to us along with an invoice of purchase from Konga.

“Once item is confirmed to be within a year of purchase and has not been previously sent in for repairs under the scheme, Konga will ensure immediate resolution,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, repairs to damaged items are usually rectified by Konga within 2-15 working days. Specifically, this depends on the nature of the damage and availability of item’s parts.

Additionally, customers are only required to pay 50% of their invoice charge to get a new device in cases where devices suffer liquid damages beyond economic repair.

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