Yul Edochie: My father had only 4 pair of trousers

Yul Edochie: My father had only 4 pair of trousers

Seasoned Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has disclosed a shocking secret about his father, Pete Edochie.


According to Yul Edochie, his father had only four pairs of trousers growing up.


The movie star turned politician noted that he did not grow up on a bed of roses.


The younger Edochie, via his verified Instagram account, went down memory lane as he shared a glimpse of his childhood with his fans.


Although his father is a celebrated actor across the continent and a national award recipient, Yul revealed that there was a time when his father had only four pairs of trousers.



He wrote;

At a time while raising us his six children, this great man had only four pairs of trousers — Black, brown, blue, and grey. But he never cared.


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Yul stated that despite the deprivation his father, the legendary Pete Edochie, faced at the time, all the great thespian was bothered about was the welfare of his family.



He said;

He hardly bought new things for himself.

All he cared about was taking care of his family and giving his children the best.

Then, he was a civil servant, before the movies came.

There wasn’t much money, but he would never take anything that doesn’t belong to him.

Then if we come back from school with anyone’s pen or book, your nyash go catch fire for his hand.”


Yul further divulged that despite the hardship they faced at the time, his parents taught their children how to be contended with whatever they had.

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